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***Scrap is a term used to describe recyclable materials left over from every manner of product consump... see more. To post your FREE classified or FREE business listing in section Junk Scrap, Home in Centerville, Ohio Click Here

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***Scrap is a term used to describe recyclable materials left over from every manner of product consumption (such as parts of vehicles, building supplies, and surplus materials). Often confused with waste, scrap in fact has monetary value and is one of the United States? largest exports. Scrap is often taken to a wrecking yard (known colloquially as a scrapyard), where it is processed for later melting into new products. A scrapyard (also known as a breaker's yard), depending on its location, may allow customers to browse their lot and purchase items before they are sent to the smelters although many scrap yards that deal in large quantities of scrap usually do not, often selling entire units such as engines or machinery by weight with no regard to their functional status. Customers are typically required to supply all of their own tools and labor to extract parts, and some scrapyards may first require waiving liability for personal injury before entering. Many scrapyards also sell bulk metals (stainless steel, etc) by weight, often at prices substantially below the retail purchasing costs of similar pieces.

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