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***Handyman is a term referring to a person competent in a variety of trade skills, inventive/ingenious... see more. To post your FREE classified or FREE business listing in section Handy Man, Home in Centerville, Ohio Click Here

Definition (Source: Wikipedia)

***Handyman is a term referring to a person competent in a variety of trade skills, inventive/ingenious repair, and maintenance work. The term often describes someone who is paid for the application of these skills around the home. Tasks for which a handyman is employed may be as simple as a minor drywall repair, or as complex as remodeling a bathroom. Some handymen are more skilled than others and perform more than just general repairs. A good handyman is skillful, dexterous, practical, clever, able, competent, and proficient in whatever it is they are doing. Some handymen are licensed and insured. Some are not. There are different laws for different jurisdictions and licensing/insurance are not always required. For safety reasons, most jurisdictions disallow handymen from working on plumbing (they can undertake minor works such as replacing taps, connecting up new sinks, fixing dripping taps or installing new washing machines etc.), electrical wiring or gas-fitting services without being licensed in the applicable trade. While many handymen can be found through the traditional methods (referral, search engine, telephone directory, newspaper etc.), some are hired as day labor from the parking lots of local hardware stores. Since a handymen is often given access to the interior of a home, trustworthiness and general comfort level are of great concern when hiring one. Often, the best way to find a good handymen is through referrals from friends and family.

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